Limited Edition Disney Fridge Now Available And It’s Incredible


People who love all things Disney can now add a piece of the magic to their home, as Disney have teamed up with Smeg to release a limited edition fridge. 

The appliance features a picture of Disney’s classic character, Mickey Mouse, reaching for the handle, adding some cartoon fun to your chilled food.

Smeg are a luxury retailer, meaning the fridge comes with a price tag to reflect it. At £1699, the appliance probably isn’t going to be something that’s picked up by people who occasionally take their kids to a Disney film, but will more likely be reserved for Mickey enthusiasts.

It’s probably for the best, as the limited edition fridge is indeed very, very limited. Only 90 of the decorated fridges have been created for the collection, to represent the 90 years since Mickey’s first appearance back in 1928. Adoring Disney fans will have to be quick!

Each fridge will display a limited edition silver plaque showing its unique number.

The fridge is advertised on the Smeg website, which reads:

To mark a year signified by landmark anniversary – it’s 70th anniversary as a company – pioneering Italian appliance brand, Smeg has teamed up with global brand, Disney, to create a limited edition commemorative fridge.

To celebrate the special nature of the partnership, there will only be a total of 90 fridges made for the limited edition collection.

The description continues:

Smeg’s iconic FAB28 fridge is brought to life by an original drawing featuring Disney’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse, who is also celebrating his milestone 90th anniversary this year.

Both brands are synonymous with bringing the family together. For Smeg, at the heart of the company lies a focus on food, family and entertaining. Meanwhile for Disney, at its core lies the ability to bring people of all ages together, united in a sense of fun, laughter, optimism and hope.

Featuring a ‘True Original’ bespoke sketch of Mickey, each of the limited edition 90 FAB28RDMM3 fridges include an endearing image of Mickey playfully reaching for the fridge’s handle.

There’s been no information released yet on whether the fridge will be Smeg’s only product created in collaboration with Disney, but we can certainly hold out hope for some more affordable Mickey-adorned appliances, like toasters, kettles and microwaves.

Perhaps even other Disney characters too? I wouldn’t mind an Aristocats one!

You could end up with a fully Disney-themed kitchen!

Disney’s website reveals more about the mouse’s 90th anniversary:

It’s 90 years of the mouse that started it all.

Mickey Mouse is a global icon and a ‘True Original’ with universal appeal that brings people from across the world together.

As 2018 marks 90 years since his first appearance in Steamboat Willie on 18th November 1928, we’re celebrating the mouse that started it all with a global anniversary celebration!

The team up with Smeg is one of many collaborations in which Disney are involved in with the celebration of Mickey’s 90th anniversary.

The black and white mouse can also be found on special edition Oreo cookies, which are filled with birthday cake flavoured cream in honour of his birthday.

Fans of the mouse can also celebrate by downloading Mickey Mouse-filled phone wallpapers, donning Disney-themed clothes from Forever 21, and accessorising with #Mickey90 Pandora charms.

Disney have certainly gone above and beyond for Mickey’s anniversary – he’s probably the world’s most loved mouse!

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