Lingerie Firm Has A Plan To Help Ladies Find The ‘Perfect Bra’


Are you a woman who struggles with ill-fitting lingerie, or a man who feels like a deer in the headlights when trying to help your significant other? Well help will soon be at hand.

As a man I can only speak from experience as to how ridiculously complicated bra shopping seems to be.

I am reliably informed that styles include push-up, balconette, racer-back, front-closure, demi-cup, full-support, sports, plunge, and even that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The lack of consistency is apparently a real issue for women across the world, but True & Co are going to send ‘fit therapists’ on a tour of major US cities, in a mobile truck to combat the problem.


If the ‘Try-On’ truck rolls into your town, then the fitting will start with a brief online quiz which will ask questions about cup size, band width, breast shape, position, and typical problems with boobs.

Based on the answers given, the company will use an algorithm that provides users with a colour on the ‘TrueSpectrum‘, and then a selection of bras will be presented to the customer that ought to be perfect.

It really is a science.


The tour will start January 12th in San Francisco, before heading from west to east throughout 2016.

Hopefully this will go global and professionals will be on hand to prevent hordes of men like me staring blankly ahead, nodding along like a bobble-head doll as we pretend to have a clue what our partners are talking about.