Little Girl Removes Loose Tooth In Most Awesome Way Possible

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jan 2016 12:03


We can probably all remember how equally exciting and terrifying it it to have a loose tooth that’s ready to go under the pillow…


There are countless ways to take out a child’s tooth, whether it’s a simple trip to the dentist, letting nature take its course and leave it to fall out on its own or the classic slam the door method. But it’s 2016 and some parents have gotten really crafty.

Suzanne Kiefaber/YouTube

It’s pretty clear that this little girl called Addy was getting sick of her loose tooth just wiggling around. So her dad had a brilliant idea of attaching her tooth to a nerf gun and firing it across the room.

To make this even sweeter, Addy had the pleasure of firing the gun herself and her face when it comes out is absolutely priceless…


This isn’t the first time parents have come up with a genius idea to remove their child’s tooth. Last year, a dad in Utah used a drone to remove his daughters tooth by attaching it to some string.

However, it took several takes, with previous attempts with dental floss failing to work. Finally, they used sewing thread to complete the task.

Probably should have just let the Tooth Fairy deal with it…

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