Little Girl’s Headless Halloween Costume Is Absolutely Incredible

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 31 Oct 2018 09:31
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In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s that spooky time of year we like to call Halloween.

That time of year when people suddenly remember they once had a goth phase, dig out their black clothes and eyeliner and drape themselves in fishnets and cobwebs.

That time of year when it’s ok to be a bit more creative and daring with your outfit choices, regardless of whether you’re going to a halloween party or not.


It’s also that time of year when artistic parents get to dress up their kids with wild and ambitious costumes.

Not one to be outdone by other parents – all parents love a bit of friendly competition with other parents don’t they? – a mum in Southbay Village, Philippines, dressed her daughter up as a headless child.

So far, kinda standard for Halloween, it’s a classic costume. However, this outfit has taken it to the next level by making it look as if the headless body is carrying round its own head on a plate.


That is some advanced arts and crafts right there.

Check it out:

Krystal Hwang uploaded the pictures, of her daughter Maya, as they went trick or treating through the neighbourhood.


And while the costume is great, it gets even more ingenious when you realise that, instead of carrying around a bucket to put candy in, the neck of the costume doubles as a vessel.

Imagine popping some popping candy down someone’s open neck wound! Brilliant! Have a look:

Another common theme of this year’s Halloween seems to be celebrities dressing up as other celebrities.


From Rita Ora dressing as Post Malone, Joe Jonas dressing as Sophie Turner/Sansa Stark, to Will Poulter dressing up as Sid the bully from Toy Story, we’ve seen some great getups.

The celebrities of the world seem to have really stepped up this year, and there’s been some incredible outfits popping up on Instagram and Twitter.

My personal fave so far, however, is Harry Styles dressing as Elton John.


Elton was never one to need an excuse to dress as flamboyantly as possible, but for all the huge sunglasses and feather boas, his sparkling Dodgers baseball costume is arguably his most iconic.

So, Harry decided to don the classic look for this year’s spooky season. The One Direction singer wore the outfit covered in blue and silver sequins paired with some classic Elton-esque huge glasses, and a big smile.

Check it out:

Harry StylesHarry StylesGetty

Harry was at the Casamigos party, hosted by Rande Gerber, and was certainly a star-studded affair.

Rande himmself turned up as David Bowie, while his wife, model Cindy Crawford, rocked out as Debbie Harry, with their 17-year-old daughter as Joan Jett.

Some great outfits out and about for Halloween this year. Think I prefer the headless girl though, you can’t beat the classics.

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