London Olympic Organisers Had To Stop Jeremy Hunt Putting Hitler In The Opening Ceremony

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London Olympic Organisers Had To Stop Jeremy Hunt Putting Hitler In The Opening CeremonyPA Images

Olympics organisers are said to have stopped Jeremy Hunt mentioning Hitler in the opening ceremony of London 2012.

The sporting event was hosted in the English capital, with its ceremony celebrating all things British – Queen Elizabeth II and James Bond included.


While the £65 million opening ceremony went down a storm with viewers, it could have had quite a different outcome if the former culture secretary got his way.

London Olympic Games opening ceremony (PA)PA Images

The ceremony celebrated things such as the creation of the NHS and the Industrial Revolution, but Hunt went on to beg the question of ‘Where’s the war?’, The Independent reports.

A documentary detailing the making of the four-hour long ceremony directed by Danny Boyle was released in 2016, and revealed that Hunt wanted to include the Allies’ victory over the Nazis.


In the documentary named One Night in 2012, Boyle’s colleague Stephen Daldry said:

We did have stand-offs. There were moments, big moments… It was like ‘Where’s the war? We won, we beat the Fascists. Where’s the war?’

‘Jeremy Hunt wound up the prime minister to a certain extent,’ he added. ‘They were very concerned with Britain’s role in defeating Fascism.’

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In light of today, July 23, marking the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this story has resurfaced on social media. Sharing a screenshot of the Independent‘s headline, comedy writer James Felton tweeted, ‘If we’re talking 2012 Olympics again, I feel it isn’t mentioned enough that the culture secretary saw the opening ceremony and gave the note “it’s good but can we put a Hitler in it”.’

‘Can you imagine the f*cking tone shift, James Bond and the Queen skydive in, Mr Bean playing around on the piano da da da da da Hitler,’ he joked in a separate tweet.

People have since commented their thoughts on the idea of the former tyrant having featured in the opening ceremony. One person wrote, ‘Now I’m imagining Mambo Number 5, with ‘a little bit of Hitler’ hidden in there.’

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Another person replied to Felton’s tweet saying, ‘Why the f*ck do they insist on wedging WW2 into literally everything?’

Meanwhile, another Twitter user branded Hunt ‘as useless as his ideas’, as someone else wrote, ‘Just when you think the Tory Party couldn’t get more crooked & idiotic they find a way to reach a higher level.’

I think we can all agree that it was probably for the best that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games didn’t include Hitler.


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