London’s Rich Kids Show Off Their Ridiculous Lifestyles On Instagram


Love them or hate them (probably hate them) the rich kids of the world posting their ridiculous lives all over social media gives a pretty fascinating insight into how the top one per cent live their lives.

The chillingly un-self-aware Instagram page ‘Rich Kids of London’ proves that the loaded youth of the UK capital are no exception.

The gag-inducing account dedicated to showing off their cash-fuelled exploits currently has around 20.3K followers, while the Facebook page has nearly 2,000 likes, reports Business Insider. 

As you would probably expect, both feeds are full of private jets, gold Bentleys, ridiculous 4x4s and lavish – but tasteless – houses to remind us common folk how the wealthiest few live out their lives.

According to the Facebook page Rich Kids of London accepts photo submissions from ‘the wealthiest kids from around London’ over Facebook, Snapchat (its user name is “richkidslondon”), and email.

Here is a selection of some of their most over the top snapshots:

But, at least we can agree that with all that money, the luxurious lifestyles and the privileges that it affords them, they still have time to be absolute cunts to people less fortunate than themselves.

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