Lotto Millionaire Winner Splits With Boyfriend After Crazy List Of Ibiza Demands Fails

by : Francesca Donovan on : 07 Oct 2016 11:51

Lotto millionaire winner, Jane Parks recently split with her boyfriend – after she famously sent a list of demands to him before he jetted off on a boys’ holiday to Ibiza.


The Mirror reports the couple broke up after irreconcilable differences that ‘have nothing to do with Ibiza rules‘, according to a source close to 20-year-old Jane from Edinburgh.


The source said:

Jane actually went out to see Connor when he was there and things were fine.

They split a few weeks after they got back. They just weren’t on the same wavelength with a few things, it was nothing major.


Meanwhile Jane – who won the Lottery’s million pound jackpot in 2012 – has taken to Twitter, implying that perhaps the rules weren’t obeyed after all.



After Jane released her demands – which included a drugs test upon her boyfriend’s return – the lucky man, Connor George told The Daily Recorder he found the prank hilarious.

The couple seemed happy to bond over their shared sense of humour.


Connor even said he would wear he specially designed t-shirt, which read ‘If you can read this you’re standing too close to my boyfriend’, with pride.


The (predictably) short-lived relationship is a blow to the romanticised idea that all you need in a happy relationship is laughter.

Turns out – as we all know – you actually do need all the other trappings of health relationships too; trust being one pretty damn important ingredient.

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