Lotto Winner Split From Girlfriend Weeks Before Win, Says She ‘Must Be Gutted’


A Lotto winner reckons his ex might be feeling a bit regretful now, after taking home the £9.3 million jackpot a month after they broke up.

Paul, 55, was with his now-ex for five years when their relationship ended amicably after he moved out of their shared home at the beginning of February.

However, after he scooped the £9.3 million jackpot on Saturday, he said:

Let’s be honest, if I was with someone and you’ve just split up and they go and win £9 million on the lottery, you’re going to be gutted aren’t you?


However, his former flame, Julie West, won’t be completely cut off from Paul’s fortune, as he’s up for the idea of potentially taking her for a meal or even a holiday.

When asked by the Mirror if she was happy for Paul, Ms West sighed and simply said: ‘I suppose so.’

Yet this jackpot could bring better fortune to Paul’s true love – Leyton Orient Football Club, who Paul has supported all his life.


Before this jackpot win Paul couldn’t even afford a £300 season ticket for himself and his son Elliott, but now, he’s considering investing some of his fortune into the club he’s backed since the age of 11.

In fact, Paul only bought his winning Lotto ticket because he was riding high after seeing his favourite team win 3-0 against Woking in the National League.

Orient’s CEO, Danny Macklin, was at the Camelot press conference yesterday, (March 28), to shake Paul’s hand and invite him to Monday’s match against Maidenhead.


Paul will be given the VIP treatment and will be speaking with Orient chiefs to ‘convince him’ the club is one worth investing in.

However, Paul has said he’s unsure about whether he’ll invest, because the club’s current main investor, Texas tycoon Kent Teague, has admitted he’s looking at a loss on his investment.

Paul told Mr Macklin:

Kent’s losing money but if you guys can convince me otherwise then it might be different.


He also told the Mirror:

We’ll see what they say. I haven’t got as many millions to lose as Kent, but if I can help them in some way – whether it be through sponsorship or something – that could be different.

Paul moved out of his home in Romford, which he shared with his girlfriend Julie, following the breakdown of their five-year relationship.

He was trying to find a job which would help him pay his monthly bills when his numbers came in on Saturday, March 24.


He said of his ex Julie:

I was with her the day I won it. I went to see her on Saturday. We split up amicably.

She asked if I wanted to stay over on the way back from football on Saturday to look after the cat because she was away. On Sunday she came in when I was on the phone to Camelot.

Julie says Paul is out of order for claiming she’ll be upset with the situation and has said she’s ‘happy for him’.

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