Love Island Star Joins Cast Of Geordie Shore


Reality TV stars seem to be popping up all over the places nowadays that it’s hard to keep track of who’s in what.

But some personalities are so big they take over the screen when they’re on it and you can’t help but remember all of their best bits.

One of the more memorable entrants into the Love Island villa this year was Sam Gowland, the lovable Geordie who sadly failed to find love despite two attempts in the sizzling villa and a stint with girlfriend Georgia Harrison.


Well fans of Sam rejoice! He’s now set to grace our screens on the latest season of Geordie Shore, and he’s already started filming.

Sam had already hinted way back in July that he’d be making his way to the show, and it has now been revealed by The Sun Online his first scenes are in the can.

The TV star, from Middlesbrough, was seen painting the town red with show regulars Holly Hagan, Marnie Simpson, Chloe Ferry and Hathan Henry, as well as last season’s newcomer Abbie Holborn.

Geordie ShoreGetty

And what else did Sam wear on his first night out but one of his classic floral shirts that are obviously two sizes too small for him – an iconic look from Love Island 2017.

Reports are that he’s already getting on really well with cast member Abbie, and he’s already been reportedly flirting with her in what might be this seasons blossoming romance.

A source told The Sun Online:

It was in the Soho Rooms in Newcastle. He was partying and drinking with the cast – Marnie, Chloe, Nathan – and him and Abbie were flirting loads.

It looks like they were about to get together ’cause they were getting really close.


Rumours of his appearance on the show have been flying around since he left the villa in the summer and posted a very cryptic tweet.

In the tweet he indicated Love Island wasn’t to be the last time viewers got to see his cheeky chops on TV.

He tweeted:

Literally is best experience of my life #LoveIsland… let’s hope it’s not too long before use see me back on the tele again eyy.


The tweet was quickly liked by Chloe Ferry, and Gaz Beadle even replied saying ‘I am getting Sam on GShore’.

Sam isn’t the only newcomer this year, with HMRC manager Stephanie joining the party.

A source told The Sun:

Steph knows a load of the cast already – she’s a local and she’s a real party girl. She’s wanted to be on the show for years, so she’s loving the fact she’s finally made it.

These two aren’t the only newcomers to the show, there’s going to be a third new member joining the crew after Gaz quit to become a dad and Marty McKenna got himself fired.

Speaking on Snapchat, Marnie said:

So I start filming today, season 16 of Geordie Shore and I’m really, really, really, really, really going to miss Casey.

It’s making me sad. I don’t know what I’m going to do…

I’ve also heard that there’s going to be not one, not two, but three new people. Now that’s just a rumour but I’m quite intrigued to see if it’s true. Time will tell. Is it a girl? Is it a boy? We’ll soon find out.


She continued:

One thing I am excited about is spending time with Chloe, Nathan and Sophie because we’ve all had some fun, so I’m excited about that.

So we might still be waiting on one more new Geordie Shore entrant, but who could it be?