Loving Husband Turns Himself Into A ‘Human Chair’ For His Pregnant Wife

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Loving Husband Turns Himself Into A 'Human Chair' For His Pregnant WifeAsiaWire

A caring husband has gone viral after he turned himself into a ‘human chair’ to allow his pregnant wife to take the weight off her feet. 

Growing a human inside your body is no small feat even on a good day, but having to walk and stand around with the extra weight must really take its toll.


Therefore, it’s pretty much common decency to offer your seat to a pregnant woman if you’re able to do so. Unfortunately, not one person at a hospital in China thought to do this when one expectant mother arrived.

Take a look at the scene below:


The footage was taken while the pregnant woman and her partner were waiting for a check-up. It was shared by the police of Hegang, a city in the province of Heilongjiang in north-eastern China, and showed the woman using a handrail for support.


A group of onlookers watched from their seats across the corridor but although the woman was visibly struggling not one person offered to give up their chair. Instead, they could be seen playing on their phones and seemingly trying to ignore the couple.

After a few moments the woman’s partner came up with a solution that, while undoubtedly lovely, was still not ideal.

Man turns himself into human chair for pregnant wifeAsiaWire

The video showed him sitting down on the floor and leaning forwards so his tired partner could take a seat on his back and take some of the pressure off her legs.


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The caring man then went the extra mile to make the woman comfortable by offering her a bottle of water from his position on the floor.

All the while, the people across the corridor watched on without moving. The scene presented very conflicting views on the selflessness of humanity.

The heartwarming, if unbelievable, clip has been liked seven million times since Hegang police shared it on the short video app Douyin, which appears to be a version of TikTok.

Man turns himself into human chair for pregnant wifeAsiaWire

The police added that the clip should be titled ‘indifference’ in a nod to the entirely apathetic onlookers in the video.

Many people have praised the husband for his actions, though some viewers have pointed out there are actually a few empty seats located at the end of the corridor.

However, given the lack of context around the video it’s difficult to say why the woman didn’t choose to sit down. Some people have argued she may not have been able to hear the doctor calling her if she was sat further away, while others suggested it might have been too difficult for her to continue down the corridor.

Though her choices remain a mystery, one thing’s for sure: the woman has found herself a great partner!


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