Magaluf And Ibiza To Impose Big Fines For Drunk Behaviour

by : UNILAD on : 21 Sep 2017 13:08

The jig is up, lads. Magaluf and Ibiza are tired of your shenanigans.


They’ve seen you turn up with your terrible t-shirts and haircuts, watched you display the worst dancing this side of Gangnam Style and are now putting their foot down.

A new series of rules has been enforced by the holiday destinations to curb drunken Brits from wreaking havoc.

Officials in the Balearics have confirmed that come 2018, their resorts will be clamping down on anyone and everyone, no matter race or religion. Essentially, if you trash your all-inclusive room for the craic, consider yourself on borrowed time.

Head of tourism for the Balearics said:


The tourism sector must also collaborate to improve tourism and to improve our image and the first step to collaborate is to comply with the rules.


Palma Mayor, Antoni Noguera, added:

We will be strong with those who do not comply with the regultions.

We have acted with one sole objective, to fight against uncivic behaviour, because here everything is not good.


With these new rules, some punters may be facing fines from anything from €300 to €3,000.

That is, if they choose to drink in the shower, climb trees (bit harsh) or even walk around shirtless.

Buck your ideas up, lads. Or you know… just go to Zante instead.

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