Maid Of Honour Turns Up To Sister’s Wedding Dressed As T-Rex

by : Lucy Connolly on : 03 Sep 2019 17:41
Maid Of Honour Turns Up To Sister's Wedding Dressed As T-RexChristina A. Meador/Jessika Greene/Facebook

Weddings are a notoriously stressful occasion for a whole host of reasons, but mostly because finding dresses for all your bridesmaids is a nearly impossible feat.

They’ll either be too short, too long, too skimpy, too loose, too bright, too dull, too ‘booby’, not ‘booby’ enough, too floaty, not floaty enough… the list goes on.


So I can’t blame one bride who recently decided to let her maid of honour wear whatever the hell she wanted to her wedding reception, although it’s possible she immediately regretted her decision after seeing what she rocked up in.


That being a ginormous, inflatable T-rex costume – complete with tail and stumpy arms – which took centre stage in all the wedding photographs.

Who was behind this genius costume, you’re probably wondering. The culprit is Christina Meador, 38, who opted for the unique attire when her sister, 40-year-old Deanna Adams gave her the opportunity to wear whatever she wanted on her big day.


Christina, from Texas, shared a picture of her in the costume on social media the day after the wedding on August 10, and it quickly went viral before getting shared to Reddit in the last week.

You can check out the hilarious photo below:

When you're maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose…I regret nothing 🤪

Posted by Christina A. Meador on Saturday, August 10, 2019

Incredible. The post, which attracted more than 35k shares and 18k comments, read: ‘When you’re maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose… I regret nothing’.


People couldn’t get enough, sharing how funny they thought Christina’s costume was with many tagging their friends in the comments and jokingly threatening to do the exact same thing at their wedding.

So how did it all come about? Well, apparently the dinosaur outfit wasn’t a complete shock to Deanna, as her sister had text her months before informing her of her plans.

Christina told FEMAIL:

About a year ago my big sister texted me asking if I would be her maid of honour. She, knowing that I’m not a big fan of wearing formal dresses and that I probably wouldn’t have a lot of money to buy something really nice, reassured me by letting me know that I could pick out any outfit that I choose.

I was trying to think of something that I would be willing to wear more than once and thought to myself, ‘Well, she did say anything, and if I’m spending more than $50, I want it to be a dinosaur costume, because they’re fantastic and I’ve always wanted one’.

I sent her a text so that she could have a laugh – surprisingly she was okay with it!

t rex maid of honourJessika Greene/Facebook

A few months before the wedding, Christina bought a $7 dress from a thrift store with the intention of wearing that for her maid of honour duties. However, by the time the wedding came around the 38-year-old had lost some weight and the dress was too big.

Hence the T-rex came back into play, with Christina only telling her sister about the costume when she arrived in Nebraska for the wedding. Luckily, she laughed the entire thing off.

Christina explained how she did give her sister multiple chances to change her mind and tell her to wear a new $20 dress she had picked up on the day of the wedding, but Deanna was having none of it – and so Christina accompanied her sister down the aisle as a T-rex.


The younger sister explained what it was like:

It was hot! I remember being surprised that everyone seemed to be doing their best to avoid noticing the elephant in the room (or should I say dino) but it was hard to see in the costume.

I peeled off the costume as soon as the ceremony was over to enjoy the reception in the dress I wore underneath it.

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a little glimpse from yesterday.

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Hilariously, as much as Christina stood out in the ceremony with most other people wearing suits or dresses, there was a case of mistaken identity when someone saw another T-rex ‘cruising around’ the neighbourhood with a boy.

Hey, maybe I need to move to Nebraska if there are that many T-rex’s wandering around the place? I reckon life would be a lot more interesting that way.

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