Make-Up Artist ‘Makes Herself Disappear’ In Incredible Illusion

Artist who creates optical illusions with paintNewsflare

Incredibly talented make-up artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic is an expert in creating optical illusions.

The Serbian artist uses nothing more than paint and make-up to make her body disappear in her new video.

The ‘skin illusionist’ runs a Youtube Channel which has over 407k subscribers.

Here is the impressive video:

Mirjana’s colour blending and shading skills earned her first place at the Serbian NYX Face Awards’ optical illusions category.

Speaking to Mashable, Mirjana said:

I couldn’t find a job in my city so I decided to paint murals and kids’ faces.

I saw what I could do with painting so I decided to take it to the next level — makeup.

It’s pretty evident she’s one of the most talented make-up artists on the Internet when she does crazy good work like she demonstrated in the video above.

Using just the colours she was wearing and applying the make up thick enough, she’s managed to create an optical illusion so good it looks like her entire mid-riff has completely disappeared.

Artist who creates optical illusions with paintNewsflare

I wouldn’t like to be her partner walking in just as she’s finishes putting this together.

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