‘Making A Murderer’ Valentine’s Cards Are A Thing And They’re Awesome

Making a Murderer/Netflix

If you want to show a Making a Murderer fan how much you care this Valentine’s day then there’s really only way to do it.

Introducing the Dean Strang and Jerry Buting line of greetings cards, specifically for February 14.

One card affectionately reads “I love you like Dean Strang and Jerry Buting love justice“, while the other simply says “you are the Dean to my Jerry“. Beautiful.

Check them out:


To anyone who is unfamiliar, the dynamic duo featured on the cards are the lawyers who fought valiantly for the freedom of Steven Avery, as shown in the smash hit Netflix documentary series.

They didn’t succeed in their bid to prove a police conspiracy in the case, but they still amassed quite the following.

The cards have been released by Christina Haberkern Studio and Nicole Beswick via Etsy and will set you back between £1.99 and £3.58, plus shipping. A bargain!

Based on the social media reaction to Strang and Buting, these could sell very quickly.

If your significant other did not spend every free moment from December 18 glued to Netflix, then it may not be advisable to choose one of these cards over a more conventional Valentine’s gift.