Male Escort Reveals Most Common Request From Female Clients


A male escort has revealed the most common request he gets from female clients. 

There’s all sorts of reasons you might want an escort; maybe so you don’t have to attend social events alone, or perhaps to make an ex think you’ve upgraded massively since breaking up with them – they don’t need to know you’re paying for it.

And it seems people are willing to pay a lot for the male company, as Ryan James discovered in giving up his steady finance job to pursue a career in escorting – and also starring in porn films, but that’s not the topic here.

The 31-year-old, from Sydney, charges anything from $400 – $6,000 AUD (£222 – £3340) for a professional intimate experience.

He appeared on The Morning Show to promote a new book he’s releasing about his career – check out his interview below:

Ryan explained how at first he avoided telling his family about his new job, saying:

I didn’t tell them [my family] at first. When I did get started I told my friends pretty quickly. My family found out a little later.

It was a bit of a mixed reaction. They don’t treat me any differently because of it. It’s probably not the kind of thing parents would choose for their children but they still treat me well.

He also spoke about the range of women he has as clients, adding:

Many of the women I see could easily go to a bar and pick a guy up and have sex that way. But they want a different experience.

Sometimes it’s that they’ve been recently divorced, or they’re still married but haven’t been intimate in a long time.

I’ve had clients who are couples who want a threesome and women who are virgins.

Despite the various backgrounds and experiences of those who pay him, the escort explained he has one request which is more popular than all the others – his luxurious dinner date.

Ryan treats (well, gets paid to treat) his client to a classic date night involving an evening meal, where he asks questions to get to know his date before heading back to a hotel or the client’s home for a tailored evening of passion – or whatever the client wants.

He calls the experience a ‘luxury date night’ on his website, and six hours of ‘pampering and pleasure’ will cost any willing client $3,500 AUD (£1950), while a whole overnight slumber party, with breakfast, will cost $4,500 AUD (£2,500).

The well-earning man explained to the Daily Mail, he finds a lot of women are paying him not just for the sex, but also for the talking-side of the experience, saying:

Pretty much every single client that I see, there’s some companionship element to the booking

From what I see, men are more focused on the sexual side of things. Women are focused on the sex too, they wouldn’t come to see me without it, but we spend a lot of time talking as well.

It’s certainly an interesting way to make money!

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