Male Escort Who Slept With 1000 Women Earns £1,200 A Night

by : UNILAD on : 12 Jun 2018 21:00
Male Escort brings in the big bucksMale Escort brings in the big bucksrealseanilove/Twitter

Male escorting has always struck me as a bit, I dunno, silly. Whereas females in the same profession continue to be smeared as low-lifes and drug-addicts with no other vocation in life than to ‘sell themselves’, a guy dipping their toe into the industry is viewed as a lark. Something eccentric and intriguing. 


Seani Love, for example, is not a member of the downtrodden, nor is he scraping around for easy cash. By his admission, he brings home as much as £1,200 a night, more than a lot of people make in a month.

The 48-year-old, Australian-born London-living escort offers run the gamut. BFE (boyfriend experience), role play, to just simple massages. He doesn’t discriminate.

Over the course of his… career, Seani says he has satisfied over 1,000 women, a considerable figure for someone who concedes they don’t have the ‘buff, hairless, Chippendale’ look.


Describing one client, he told MailOnline:

As I held the woman in my arms on the bed I asked her how she wanted to be touched.

Minutes earlier she’d told me she’d never had an orgasm before so over the following 45 minutes I helped her climax for the first time ever.

It was an amazing moment for the both of us – but it was also my job to make sure she left happy, as I was a male escort.

Seani’s life wasn’t always like this, with him revealing:

Eight years ago I was working in London as a software engineer and enjoyed it a lot.

As someone who’s always been sexually adventurous in the bedroom and keen to try new things, when I hit my 30s I began to go to workshops in my spare time, to learn about things such as Tantra and bondage – anything that would add a bit more spice in the bedroom.

But then eight years ago I ended up organising a sex workshop in London for my favourite sex book author.

I wrote to him and asked if I could pay him to teach. After that I went to Prague to hold a workshop myself and a woman at the workshop offered to pay me £130 for a private session. I was surprised and delighted.

He added:

She admitted to me that she’d always felt quite shy when it came to sex and wanted me to give her an erotic massage – something she’d never dared ask a partner for.

I felt very confident that I could give her exactly what she wanted. We did it in back room of the studio.

When it was over, I felt so elated that I had managed to satisfy her and make her climax, I knew I could make a living out of it.


Not everyone, he thought, would understand:

I did wonder how I would tell people what I was doing and I decided to keep it from my father.

At first I kept working as a software engineer, while organising my own sex workshops in London and in my native Australia and offering my services as an escort.

These could be a ‘hands off experience’ which is just chatting, or a ‘kinky boyfriend’ experience where I combine kink with intimacy such as spanking or role play or just sensual touch, sex and erotic play.

I advertised on Facebook and other websites charging from £90 an hour to £1,200 for a full day or overnight.

If it pays the bills…

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