Male ‘Karen’ Makes Ridiculous Request After Man’s Car Breaks Down Outside His Store

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Aug 2021 17:11
Male 'Karen' Makes Ridiculous Request After Man's Car Breaks Down Outside His Store@taeirish/TikTok

The manager of a petrol station has been dubbed a ‘Karen in male form’ over his response to a car breaking down outside of his store.

Footage of the scene was shared online by the female passenger of the car, who explained that she and her brother were reversing out of a parking space in the petrol station in Flagstaff, Arizona when the front end of the car ‘just fell’ and the tyre ‘just fell underneath’.


It’s clear in the clip that the driver isn’t able to move the car, as made apparent by the fact one of the front wheels is basically horizontal, but still the manager of the petrol station came outside and insisted the car be moved.

Car with broken tyre (@taeirish/TikTok)@taeirish/TikTok

The person behind the camera caught footage of her brother in an altercation with the manager and explained they’d had several conversations with the worker before she began filming, though it’s evident the man had no plans to be sympathetic to the siblings’ situation.

Despite the fact the driver had apparently already called for assistance, the manager could be heard saying he would tell authorities the driver was being ‘combative’, asking him: ‘leaving in a police car – is that what you want?’


See the video below:


The manager went on to say he ‘just want[ed] the vehicle moved’, to which the driver responded: ‘We’re trying to get it moved, what do you not understand?’

The altercation continued over a series of three videos, despite the driver continually telling the manager that there was ‘someone on the way’ and he was unable to move the car before then.


After the driver’s father arrived on the scene to help deal with the situation, the manager called the police, though ultimately officers agreed with the fact the car was stuck – reiterating exactly what the driver had been saying the entire time.

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