Man, 31, With Older Woman Fetish Snogs 91-Year-Old Girlfriend On New Show

by : Julia Banim on : 30 Nov 2018 12:18
31-year-old man has a 91-year-old girlfriend.31-year-old man has a 91-year-old girlfriend.WE TV

Age gaps are a funny thing, and are viewed differently by everybody. For some, 10 years is way too much of a gap to have shared interests, while others appreciate the different perspective an older partner can bring to a relationship.


For some people, a few decades is no barrier whatsoever to love; particularly for those with an older woman fetish, much like 31-year-old Kyle who can be seen giving his 91-year-old girlfriend Marg a passionate snog during new documentary series Extreme Love.

While their Spring/Winter relationship may seem unexpected to some, Marg is actually the perfect woman for Kyle, who is very open about his granny fetish, admitting, ‘I’m wired towards older women’.

As well as being in love with nonagenarian Marg, pensioner admirer Kyle is also dating Annie who, at a relatively youthful 68 years old, is still well over twice Kyle’s age.

Couple with 60 year age gap.Couple with 60 year age gap.WE TV

Kyle and Marg are just one of the varied couples being featured on Extreme Love, a series which delves into the more unusual side of love and lust.

The eye opening show kicks off with Shawna, a woman whose fiancé Dave has spent a small fortune on his robotic sex doll collection.

Despite preparing to tie the knot with Shawna, Dave from Nova Scotia, Canada, has described his latest sex doll as being the ‘woman of my dreams’.

Now, this probably isn’t what every woman wants to hear from her beloved husband-to-be. However, as this series demonstrates, the world of romance is way more complicated than can be adequately expressed in your traditional Hollywood rom-com.

Other couples include a pair who share an adult baby fetish, with the girlfriend wearing a diaper and drinking out of a bottle when snuggling up with her other half. They feel their relationship is strengthened because of their age play.

There is also Sid from Texas, who takes pride in feeding his girlfriend between 6,000 and 8,000 calories each day in a bid to fatten her up. Monica, who weighs 700lb, reportedly hopes to get to the stage where she is immobile due to her weight.

The show also features polyamorous vampires who suck blood from each others pricked fingertips, swingers, love slaves, and a man who claims to be in love with a Volkswagen Beetle called Vanilla. Vanilla’s thoughts on the matter have not been made clear.


As reported by the MailOnline, WE TV president Marc Juris said:

No offense to Tom Jones, but sometimes love can be on the more unusual side.

We’re extremely thrilled to tell these very real and compelling stories of fascinating people who break with convention to stretch the typical definitions of love and relationships.

New documentary series explores unusual relationships.New documentary series explores unusual relationships.WE TV

Well, it would certainly be a boring old world if we were all the same and this series really does prove there is somebody out there for everyone.

Extreme Love premieres December 28, 2018 on WE TV. An interesting way for documentary fans to wrap the year?

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