Man, 81, Serenades Sick Wife From Outside Hospital

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 Nov 2020 17:52
Stefano Bozzini Serenades WifeValerio Marangon/Giorgio A. Lambri/Facebook

In lieu of a visit, an Italian man serenaded his ill wife from outside her hospital. 

Italy was one of the most severely affected countries from the immediate spike of the pandemic. There’s been more than 1.18 million confirmed cases and 45,299 deaths.


Echoing regulations across the world, hospitals aren’t flowing with visitors, with admission reserved for patients and medical staff only. With his partner lying in a hospital bed, one gentleman took action with music.

Check out Bozzini’s performance in the video below:

Stefano Bozzini, 81, pulled up a stool outside the hospital in Castel San Giovanni, a town in Italy’s northern Emilia-Romagna region. Armed with his trusty accordion, he then played several songs for his wife Carla Sacchi, to whom he’s been married for 47 years.


He started off his brief set with Spanish Eyes by Engelbert Humperdinck, later going onto perform some of his wife’s favourite songs. Bozzini’s son Maurizio filmed his dad as he played in the courtyard, tapping his foot as he went.

In the background, a spectator can be heard exclaiming ‘bravo’ and saying, ‘How beautiful, this man is serenading his wife who is in the hospital’.

Stefano Bozzini Serenades Wife 2Valerio Marangon/Facebook

While the hospital doesn’t treat patients suffering from coronavirus, as per CNN, it still has strict rules in place regarding visitors due to nationwide restrictions as a result of the pandemic.


Sharing the videos on Facebook, one user wrote: ‘Hi Maurizio, what you did for mom was a beautiful gesture and also very emotional, I want to share it with all my friends and post it with great pleasure. Thank you Maurizio and good job Stefano.’

As reported by Italian news agency ANSA, Bozzini formerly served in the country’s Alpine mountain infantry. As he played, he wore a hat once part of his uniform. His accordion abilities were famous, even dubbed the ‘Gianni Morandi of the Alpines’.

Stefano Bozzini Serenades Wife 3Valerio Marangon/Facebook

Commenting on meeting Carla, he earlier said, ‘At the rallies of the Alpine troops, around Italy, they always ask me to play and I don’t hold back. I saw Carla dancing with others, and then I pretended to have hurt my hand, because only I wanted to dance with her.’


The pair married in 1973. After losing one of their children, Bozzini stopped playing for a while, before eventually taking the instrument back up again. Now, he plays at his friends’ parties, village festivals and retirement homes.

As for the recent performance, he said: ‘It was sunny, I would have played again, all day.’

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