Man Admits His Brother Is Better Looking Than His Boyfriend

Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s programme Your Face Or Mine always provides audiences with plenty of awkward moments to laugh at and this may be the best yet.

The show, which is hosted by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan, puts people up against each other and makes them tell the world who they think is more attractive.

And if you thought that wasn’t bad enough these people are often family members, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

Comedy Central

In the most recent episode brothers Ashley and Callum were brought into the studio to play the game along with Callum’s younger brother Jack.

Things then got very weird as Jimmy revealed that Callum accidentally sent Jack a photo of his dick.

When Jimmy asked Jack what he thought of the photo he replied:

I deleted it straight away but there weren’t much to see anyway.

Jack also added that he failed to see any family resemblance in his own penis claiming that it is ‘the complete opposite’.

His bragging got shut down quickly by Jimmy though who then joked that Jack had a vagina.

Comedy Central

Things got even more awkward though when Callum was asked whether he thinks that his brother Jack or his boyfriend Ashley is better looking.

You can check out his awkward answer here:

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You would think that that is a question you do not need to think twice about but apparently not.

Having a good look at the pair Callum picked his brother saying:

He’s fit. I would. I would keep it in the family.

Comedy Central

A stunned Jimmy pointed out that Jack could not look more uncomfortable.

If I was Ashley I would be walking out of that studio door pretty quickly but when asked what he thought of the decision he had a surprise response.

He said:

I would go for Jack, if it was between them two.

It seems that both Ashley and Callum would rather have Jack than each other which is surely a sign of a healthy relationship.

Oh wait…