Man Calls Airport Security On Woman Because He Thinks She’s Dead But She’s Just Having A Nap

by : Emily Brown on : 11 Mar 2021 15:27
Man Calls Security On Woman Because He Thinks She's Dead But She's Just Having A Naplauraeletel/TikTok

A TikTok user sharing some of her travel experiences has racked up thousands of views after detailing a time she was mistaken for a dead person in the airport. 

One visit to Laura’s TikTok page immediately indicates that she’s someone who regularly finds herself in unfortunate, funny or random situations, as her bio reads, ‘Enjoy the sitcom that is my life.’


One such situation occurred when she was travelling and fell asleep in an airport while waiting for her flight. It’s not an uncommon scenario, but unfortunately another traveller became convinced she’d actually stopped living, so called security to come and check things out.

Hear Laura’s story below:


The TikToker explained that the incident took place in the days before Uber and Lyft, when she had to book shuttle buses at ‘ungodly hours’ to take her to the airport.

With her flight booked for 7am, she got picked up by the shuttle bus at 4am and arrived at the airport at 5.30am, with plenty of time to spare. She decided to use the time to catch up on her sleep, and settled in for a nap at the gate so she didn’t miss her flight – which, she noted, has also happened to her in the past.

Laura said that at 5’1″, she is ‘basically a travel-sized snack’ and so she was able to curl up into a ‘cute little ball’ to take her nap. While in this position, minding her own business, she woke up to find hands on her neck.

Man calls security on sleeping woman he thinks has died@lauraeletel/TikTok

She recalled, ‘Obviously I am alarmed. And security just goes, ‘Don’t worry folks, she’s alive. All good.”

Stressing that she ‘didn’t know [she] had died’, Laura explained that the man sitting across from her at the gate thought she had passed away because her eyes had rolled open during her nap, and she was ‘unresponsive’ to his attempts to wake her up.

The ‘terrible habit’ of opening her eyes during sleep had developed in college, though the TikToker probably didn’t anticipate that it would cause people to fear for her life.

Obviously the situation had a happy ending in the sense that Laura was very much not dead, though she probably could have done without the rude awakening from her nap.

Man calls security on sleeping woman he thinks has died@lauraeletel/TikTok

Still, commenters on the video noted that it was good that the man checked on her, with one writing, ‘Imagine if you had died and he just left.’

Laura responded, ‘Could you imagine??? The trauma I would have left him with.’

Hopefully the habit of sleeping with her eyes open will wear off, and allow Laura to nap without prompting fears that she’s gone to a better place.


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Life of Laura/TikTok
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