Guy Determined To Get Burger Shoves Climate Protesters Out Of His Way

by : Lucy Connolly on : 08 Oct 2019 07:57
Man Determined To Get Burger Shoves Climate Protesters Out Of His Wayneiljetel/Twitter

Footage of a man screaming at climate protesters and shoving them out of his way so he can get a burger has gone viral.

In the footage, the (h)angry man can be seen shouting at Extinction Rebellion activists who are standing outside a burger chain in Denmark, seemingly blocking his way.


As he becomes more and more irate, the unnamed man starts shoving his way through the group of protesters, all the while screaming at them and telling them to ‘f*cking move’.

You can watch the moment it all unfolds here:

The man tells the group, who appear to be holding Extinction Rebellion flags, that he will ‘run through’ them unless they ‘f*cking move,’ the Metro translates.


As can be seen in the video, he then tries to aggressively push himself into the crowd, knocking several people over as one protester attempts to stop him by grabbing and holding his arm.

The man can then be seen turning back to the campaigner and furiously threatening to hit him, before the protester turns away and resumes holding his sign. At this, the man gets in the face of another protester and asks the group: ‘Do you have a f*cking problem?’

Man Determined To Get Burger Shoves Climate Protesters Out Of His Wayneiljetel/Twitter

He then tells the protesters to ‘behave themselves’ before squaring up to another activist and screaming: ‘You f*cking hippies!’


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Although the short clip was initially uploaded to VidMax, a social media platform on which ‘breaking news’ and other videos can be shared, it has since gone viral after being shared on Twitter.

While some people agreed with the man’s outburst and said ‘no-one should stand in the way of a man and his burger,’ others said he was out of order for reacting the way he did and said violence was not the way to solve things.

Man Determined To Get Burger Shoves Climate Protesters Out Of His Wayneiljetel/Twitter

This was just one climate change demonstration taking place across the globe this week as part of two weeks of protests by environmental campaigners.


Extinction Rebellion, who are demanding action on climate change, have organised protests in countries such as England, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, India, and New Zealand, and have described this as their biggest movement yet – with more than 850 events planned across 60 cities worldwide.

The non-violent group say they have to ‘rebel’ because ‘everything else has failed,’ and state the only thing that will stop them rebelling is government action on the current climate crisis we’re facing.

But hey, as long as that man gets his burger, right?

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