Man Divides Opinion After He Creates A ’Forbes Friends List’ Comparing His Friends Wealth

by : Hannah Smith on : 20 Aug 2021 20:20

We all know that one guy that’s obsessed with telling everyone how much he’s making, but one TikToker has taken things to a new level, by ranking himself and his friends in their very own rich list.

Tom Cruz revealed he and his friends created a ‘Forbes Friends List,’ detailing their individual income and job perks in a spreadsheet ranking them from wealthiest to poorest.


The salaries in the list range from an insane $5 million dollars, down to around $125,000, with the bottom-ranked pal kindly referred to as ‘Broke Bobby’ (despite the fact he earns more than four times the average US salary.)

While the list might seem like some kind of hyper-masculine pecking order, Cruz claims the spreadsheet actually serves a useful purpose. By breaking their wealth down by ‘incomes and availability for travel,’ he says the list helps them organise group trips without leaving anyone out of the loop.

‘It’s incredibly helpful,’ Cruz said of the list, which aside from basic income also shows ‘how much we’re willing to spend on a three-day trip, how much we’re willing to spend on a seven-day trip, marital statuses, our willingness to travel to a third-world destination, if we’re willing to split a private flight and if we’re degenerate gamblers or not.’


In a follow-up TikTok, Cruz added that he has another list for friends who earn ‘less than six figures,’ and the separation helps ‘avoid awkward situations within our friend group.’

But the idea has caused a bit of controversy online, with a repost of the video receiving more than 3.2 million views on Twitter, the majority of whom were less than impressed.

@tcruzncReply to @dexxtterrrr The welfare 10c great group of guys. #fyp #foryou #notsatire #lolz #motivation #realestate #investor♬ original sound – Tom Cruz


‘Never in a million years did I ever expect to feel myself feeling sorry for someone who makes $92k in a year… like imagine making that kind of money & being one of the ‘broke’ people in your friend group…’ one person tweeted, while another joked, ‘This is why stealing from rich people is a victimless crime.’

Probably anticipating some of the blowback, Cruz was quick to defend the existence of the lists, describing them as ‘very pragmatic and motivational,’, while stressing he ‘doesn’t care’ about his friends’ money because all of the group ‘still hang out regardless of income.’

Which is easy to say when you’re making $3 million a year.

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