Man Drives 60 Miles Before Realising He’d Forgotten His Wife At Petrol Station


A husband from South America was forced to face the fury of his wife after leaving her at a petrol station in Brazil, and driving 60 miles before realising and returning for her.

The man, who The Telegraph are referring to as Walter, was driving back to Argentina following a family trip to neighbouring Brazil.

He stopped at a petrol station to fuel his car and take a toilet break. What Walter failed to realise was that his wife, who had been sleeping on the back seat, also took the opportunity to stretch her legs.

Walter, and his 14-year-old son, hit the road and drove for 60 miles before noticing Claudia, as she is reportedly called, was missing.

Two frustrating hours passed for Claudia, who could not get phone signal to call her forgetful fella. Staff at the petrol station did contact police though, and they took her to the local station to await Walter’s return.

The Telegraph quoted a traffic officer from the Brazilian municipality of Passo Fundo, who said Claudia was more than a little bit annoyed by the situation, allegedly kicking the car.

He said:

She was very angry. She was moaning at him for taking so long to realise. There was no physical assault, but she was more upset when I saw the husband.

That must have been a very awkward, and long, drive home.