Man Explains Hay Fever ‘Therapy’ Of Stinging Himself With Nettles Every Week

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Apr 2021 17:25
Man Explains Hay Fever 'Therapy' Of Stinging Himself With Nettles Every WeekGoran Pavlovic/Facebook

A man has claimed that stinging himself with nettles every week until the end of autumn helps prevent his debilitating hay fever. 

Most people look forward to the months when the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and green spaces become overrun with colourful flowers, but for me and my fellow hay fever sufferers, these are some of the most uncomfortable weeks of the year.


It’s all well and good trying to smell the freshly cut grass and admire the bees buzzing from plant to plant, but it’s much easier said than done when your eyes are streaming and you’re stopping to sneeze every three minutes.


Goran Pavlovic, from Dublin, Ireland, knows all too well the effects of hay fever, having suffered from the allergies ‘all [his] life’ and ‘pretty much [choking] to death every summer’.

However, thanks to a stranger his wife branded a ‘crazy old man’, Goran found an unusual remedy.


In a post on Facebook, the former hay fever sufferer explained how the man had told him to start stinging himself with nettles as soon as they started to appear at the start of spring. He was instructed to continue stinging himself once a week until the end of autumn, as the man claimed it would make his immune system ‘concentrate on nettles and forget about the pollen’.

Goran Pavlovic/FacebookGoran Pavlovic/Facebook

Though the advice could have easily been a cruel joke that could have left Goran both sneezy and itchy, he decided to give the treatment a try, much to his ‘wife’s horror and the amusement of the fellow walkers in parks and forests’.

The Facebook user shared an image of his hand in a nettle bush as evidence of his bizarre habit, explaining that as unusual as it might be, the remedy actually worked and had helped stave off his hay fever for years.


He attempted to cover his back from any potentially nettle-sting-covered, hay-fever-suffering readers as he included an obligatory warning to others, stating ‘don’t do this at home’, but said that he wanted to share his experience on the off chance ‘someone [was] interested in use of herbs for medicinal purposes…’


Goran’s post went viral, racking up thousands of likes, shares and comments from fellow Facebook users, some of which responded to say they might give the method a try.

While I’d be more inclined to recommend nose spray or hay fever tablets over painful nettle stings, I suppose everyone has their own way of coping.


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Goran Pavlovic/Facebook
  1. Goran Pavlovic/Facebook