Man F*cks Up Massively, Accidentally ‘Deletes’ Entire Company


While you are enjoying that Friday feeling, spare a thought for this guy who just fucked up big time.

Having entered a single line of code incorrectly, Marco Marsala inadvertently erased his entire server hosting company.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Marsala then turned to the internet in the hope of recovering his livelihood.

The issue was that the function of the code Marsala ran is to delete data.

Sadly, Marsala had not given the code a specific target to delete and in the absence of that instruction it apparently wiped everything, including backed up data.

Some users of the Server Fault forum reportedly suggested the error was to catastrophic to be genuine, labelling Marsala a troll.

Others offered some advice as to what the ‘businessman’ should do, and Marsala allegedly responded too one claiming success.

Muddying the waters even further the thread has since been deleted, so the conclusion of this tale sadly enters the realm of cyber mythology.