Man Gets Stuck In Kiddie Car, Because Alcohol


We’ve all been there. You have one drink too many and you think you’ve had a cracking idea- which just turns out to be the worst idea anyone has had in the history of ever.

And this couldn’t be more true for this guy. He thought it would be a bit of a laugh to try and sit in one of those toy cars that pretty much all of us had the pleasure of driving in our younger childhood.

What at first started as a joke, became anything but for this bloke as he gets completely stuck. His friends can’t help but laugh, as he tries to dislodge himself.

His friend even tried to use a bloody hammer to claw him out but it just didn’t work.

Thankfully for us, someone decided to capture this glorious moment and upload it to YouTube for our enjoyment.

Georgina Dallamore said: “This is what happens when you drink too much alcohol and a toy car is in the vicinity! Fire brigade almost had to be called to free him hahaha xx”

The clips ends with him still confined to the kiddie car, so who knows, living in this toy could be his life now.