Man Horrified To Find Out He’s The Main Image For When People Search ‘White Guy’

by : Hannah Smith on : 16 Jul 2021 16:33
Man Horrified To Find Out He's The Main Image For When People Search 'White Guy'@reedkavner/TikTok

We’ve all done things in our past that make us cringe just to think about, but most of the time the things we’d rather forget don’t end up plastered across the internet.

Unfortunately for one man, that’s exactly what happened, when he discovered a stock modelling photo shoot he’d done years ago somehow ended up being among the top Google images for people searching for a ‘white guy’.

Google Images' second top White Guy has spoken out (Google Images)Google Images

The man in question is called Reed Kavner, and as he’s explained in a recent TikTok video, he came across his role as the internet’s most stereotypical white guy completely by chance. Kavner says he was watching a TikTok video about old white men who hit on Asian women, only to be confronted by a picture of himself staring out his phone screen.

Kavner had some things to say about his experience, mostly taking exception with some of the comments being made about his stock photo under the TikTok.

‘Not everyone in the comments of that original video was being nice,’ he said, ‘and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind people that people in stock photos have feelings too’.


His main bone of contention seems to be that people have been inaccurately describing him as bald, and referring to him as old enough to be their friend’s dad. ‘I was 31 when that was taken,’ he says, ‘which I guess is technically old enough to be a dad, but… yikes’.

People have been backing Kavner up on social media, with one Reddit user writing, ‘LOL this poor man!!! he did nothing wrong except rock the nerdy white dude look! let him be white & nerdy!’


‘I feel for him but tbh if you decide to model for stock photos you should keep in mind that there’s a lot worse that can happen to that image than someone calling you bald and ugly,’ another wrote.

Kavner can also take comfort in the knowledge that he isn’t the ultimate white guy on Google images – coming up in the number one position is none other than Chet Hanks.

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