Man Inserts 28 Magnetic Balls Into His Penis ‘During A Dream’

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Oct 2019 15:36
Man puts 28 magnetic balls into penis while dreamingMan puts 28 magnetic balls into penis while dreamingPear Video

A man in China had to undergo microsurgery after inserting 28 magnetic balls into his penis ‘while dreaming’. 


I do not blame a single person for immediately wanting to know what the f*ck he was dreaming about and why that would make him do what he did.

My mind went somewhere else – a little less shocked and a lot more curious: Did the man’s newly magnetised penis suddenly draw him to other magnetic objects around the house? Now you’re wondering aren’t you…

You can watch the doctors removing the magnetic balls here:


Did he, for example, wake up from this apparent dream to find himself stuck to a radiator, or perhaps the fridge door?

Sadly for the more curious among us, doctors have not revealed what he was stuck to when they found him.

I know you’re disappointed but we must move on to the ‘why’. Unfortunately, the 58-year-old man claims he isn’t too sure about that himself, as he says he can’t recall inserting the metal balls into his member.

Interestingly though, and this might be the clincher, he seemed to be quite aware of what was going on when he woke up.

Man inserts 28 magnetic beads into penis while dreamingMan inserts 28 magnetic beads into penis while dreamingPear Video

Magnet-man, as I have christened him, apparently realised he had magnetic balls stuck in his penis but decided not to seek immediate medical attention, instead believing he would be able to pass them with his urine.

That plan proved unsuccessful, however, and after spending the day with 28 tiny balls in his body he realised it was time to get help.

Dr. Yin Chuanmin, from Daxing Hospital in the city of Xi’an, spoke to Shaanxi TV about the incident, saying:


He thought he could pass them, but one day went by and he failed to do so.

What’s worse, he had trouble urinating, so he immediately came to us.

Man inserts 28 magnetic balls into penis while dreamingMan inserts 28 magnetic balls into penis while dreamingPear Video

The 58-year-old’s claim about ‘not recalling’ the incident changed once he got into hospital as he told doctors he put just one bead into his urethra. The truth of the matter was soon revealed though, as medics took an x-ray and revealed a whole bundle of the balls had travelled into the man’s bladder and attracted each other.

Surgeons decided to remove the objects, which were each two millimetres wide, with a ‘microsurgery’, which involved pulling them out from his penis using a magnetic ring. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience at all, but what goes up must come down, I suppose.


The now-demagnetised man is said to be recovering well, though Dr. Yin warned the patient could have suffered serious bladder perforation or bladder infection as a result of his actions.

The doctor recalled having patients who inserted wooden sticks, pen caps and infusion tubes into their urethra and warned the public against such behaviour – a statement you wouldn’t think was necessary, but evidently is.

Stay safe out there.

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