Man Jailed For One-Night Stand After ‘Promising To Marry’ Tinder Date

Man Jailed For One-Night Stand With Tinder DateTinder/Pixabay

You know the drill: you meet someone on Tinder and get to chatting, before meeting up with them for a date and maybe having sex with them and never hearing from them ever again.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people have been through it, and many of those people will have also done it to other people, too. But I’d put good money on the fact that none of them had been arrested the very next morning, which is exactly what happened to one man in Bengaluru in India following a one-night stand.

Rama Reddy matched with a woman he worked with on the dating app and they started exchanging messages for a month before going on a date. During the meet up, the pair got straight down to business, but as soon as the sex was over, the woman asked Reddy to marry her.

Needless to say, the 29-year-old turned down the proposal, insisting he, like many other men you find on Tinder, ‘wasn’t ready for commitment’. However, things took a turn for the worse when the woman didn’t take no for an answer, continuing to pursue him, prompting the commitment-phobe to block her on WhatsApp.

While that might seem like pretty standard practice while dating in western culture, it’s a big no-no in India, and the woman wasn’t going to stand for it. She complained to police that she felt forced to have sex with him and felt like he’d misled her into thinking he wanted more than to get her beneath the sheets. In India, promising to marry someone in order to get them into bed is considered to be a form of rape, and Reddy was thrown into jail.

Man Jailed For One-Night Stand With Tinder DatePexels

The woman told the Bangalore Mirror:

It was literally the morning after the night that he was breaking up with me. I felt so disgusted that I’d been used.

These types of incidents should not be repeated with other people using dating apps. Women should not be used as a source of physical pleasure.

While some people are lucky enough to find love on dating apps, it’s common knowledge that they’re crawling with f*ckboys (and f*ckgirls, we’re not discriminating) just looking for a good time, which would suggest the issue of feeling the need to marry someone after sex is more concerned with morality than law.

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The charges under which Reddy has been charged are unclear, but Tinder has been accused of allowing sexual predators on its app, so make sure you swipe safe and acknowledge the dangers that come with such apps.

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