Man Keeps Detailed Diary During Four-Day Trip To Sex Island Party

Man releases Sex Island diary.Sex Island

A dentist from New York has revealed all about his four-day trip to Venezuela’s Margarita Island, in a seriously raunchy diary.

The Sex Island resort is known for steamy, non-stop partying, complete with orgies, sex shows and copious amounts of drugs.

For £4,600, guests can really let their hair – and undies – down; enjoying activities such as ‘orgy golf tournaments’, ‘topless salsa lessons’ and ‘strip tennis’.

Even if we had the spare cash for this sort of decadent naughtiness, many of us would never dare enter this world of ‘unlimited sex’. Luckily, one energetic man has decided to share his x-rated adventures with the world…

In a diary which has been published in the Mirror, a man by the name of Ryan spilled all about his experiences of Sex Island. Cast Away this is most certainly not…

On Friday December 14, randy Ryan travelled from Trinidad and Tobago’s capital Port of Spain to Sex Island by luxury yacht, alongside other guests.

Some of the other sex seekers appeared ‘nervous’ according to Ryan, but – having already visited the island – he was feeling more confident.

The smutty scribe wrote:

I just sneaked in quickly and chose the best-looking two girls, who’ll be my companions for the next four days. The alcohol is already flowing. I’m taking my girls into one of the bedrooms downstairs.


After an afternoon nap, racy Ryan was awoken by his ‘two girls’ at around 5.30pm. After a buffet style meal and a lap dance for another man whose birthday it was, the first night began to get a little more risqué…

According to the dirty diarist:

They opened the nightclub in the hotel. I noticed that some of the other guys were getting drugs so I looked for the dealer and stocked up on mine too. He had almost every type of drug you can imagine, cocaine, pills. I started sniffing coke with my girls.

The DJ got half of the girls up on stage and they started doing a live lesbian sex show. Half way through he asked if there was anyone who wanted to participate with the girls live on stage.

This guy called Samuel, the macho man in the group, got up and started having sex with the girls.

Slowly almost everyone, including me, started having sex in the club. Huge orgy. I did so much drugs that I blacked out after that.

The following morning brought further bawdy antics for Ryan and his fellow islanders, who stuck to his diary as diligently as Samuel Pepys in beach shorts.

At around 2.30pm, the horny hero of the tale wrote:

Just finished the orgy golf tournament. The winner gets to have all 100 girls for 15 minutes. Around half the guests took part, and all the girls were dressed up sexy cheering us on. Pity that I’m not [very] good at golf!

Ryan then took part in ‘topless salsa dancing lessons’ which he erm, found a ‘little boring’. Looking to spice things up he decided to head back to his room for a ‘mini orgy’.

So far, so carefree. But then Ryan drops a seriously foul smelling bombshell in the serene swimming pool of his prose:

We took some pictures to remember it, although I’ll have to hide them so my wife doesn’t find them!

Hmm, not too sure about this one. Cheating on your wife multiple times just before Christmas and bragging about it publicly? Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson in Love Actually had nothing on this…

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