Man Kicked Out Of Store After Trying To Use T-Shirt As Face Mask

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Man Kicked Out Of Store After Trying To Use T-Shirt As Face Mask@davenewworld_2/Twitter

A frustrated American man was kicked out of a Wisconsin store following his unsuccessful attempt to use a T-shirt as a face mask.

The unnamed man was in the LDF Country Market in Lac Du Flambeau on Monday, July 20 when he got into an argument with staff members who were asking him to wear a proper face mask as part of the fight against coronavirus.


The store is located in the Lake Superior Chippewa reservation area, which is home to a large number of Ojibwe tribal bands, and footage shows the customer being described as an ‘irate white man’ who is trying to ‘boss around’ the people on the reservation.

See a video of the scene below:

In an effort to bypass the need for a mask, the customer had lifted his T-shirt up to cover his face, exposing his stomach in the process.


The man behind the camera could be heard pointing out that the customer had been asked ‘three times, but [he] didn’t listen’, and a member of staff at the store pleaded with the man to purchase a mask at the store’s entrance.

The frustrated customer refused to believe that his T-shirt wasn’t good enough to use as a mask, arguing:

This mask is fine. What’s wrong with it? It’s the same as yours. It’s no different than yours.

Man trying to use t-shirt as a mask@davenewworld_2/Twitter

Needless to say it did not work as a good mask substitute as the man had to fight with both hands to try and keep it in place, with the material continually exposing his nose and mouth as he argued that it was a suitable covering.

When he still didn’t get his way, the man asked if he could have the names of the members of staff involved in the altercation, presumably so he could complain about them later.

The female employee responded:

You need to step outside sir, you are violating our rights. You need to be distancing yourself, you need to have a mask on. Please step outside.

Man refusing to social distance or wear a proper mask@davenewworld_2/Twitter

Following the incident, the LDF Country Market operations manager confirmed to Newsweek that the customer was removed after staff members called Tribal police.


Face Mask Restrictions Begin Next Week Following New Covid Strain Omicron, Sajid Javid Confirms

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The store is requiring both customers and staff to adhere to six-foot social distancing and wear masks when inside, and the manager explained that they have the right ‘under Tribal reservation codes to enforce the mask requirement’.

The manager added:


We’re also within our rights to call Tribal PD to escort out people being rowdy or refusing to follow our guidelines.

Man trying to use t-shirt as a face mask in store@davenewworld_2/Twitter

Despite the store’s rules, the manager said this was not the first time a customer had defiantly refused to wear a mask while shopping.

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