Man Live Tweets Stepson’s Attempt To Sneak Girl Out The House

by : Lucy Connolly on : 21 Jan 2019 21:07
Man Live Tweets His Stepson Sneaking Girl Out Of HouseMan Live Tweets His Stepson Sneaking Girl Out Of House@DropsNoPanties/Twitter

Anyone who’s been a teenager – which is likely most people reading this article – will know the kinds of things you think you can get away with at that age without your parents knowing.


Getting pass-out drunk at your sister’s birthday party when you’re 15? They obviously won’t notice. Lying about going to a friend’s house when you’re really meeting a crush? They’ll never know.

But what about when you do it right underneath your parents’ noses? So much so that you’re actually under the same roof when you’re getting up to no good?

Which is exactly what happened recently when one man took to Twitter to share the hilarious antics of his step-son, who had a girl over the night before and was trying to sneak her out of the house without his family knowing.


Grab your popcorn because this right here is comedy gold. It all started when Tricky-D noticed some white shoes by the front door one morning, and realised that they must be a ‘friend’ of his step-son’s.

Addressing his followers, he wrote:

So, my stepson has a girl upstairs in his room that stayed the night and my wife doesn’t know yet. I’m curious on how he plans to smuggle her out now that the whole family is awake…

…and now we wait.

So much drama, I love it. The story didn’t stop there though as the step-dad had piqued his followers’ attention, gathering thousands of likes, and thankfully the drama just kept on coming.

While his wife was cleaning the house, going into ‘full Saturday house cleaning mode’, Tricky-D wondered if his step-son would take this chance to sneak the girl out of his room while his mum was distracted.

It wasn’t to be though, and the suspense just kept building as everyone wondered how this thread would end – with a family showdown or a great escape.


To all the people commenting that Tricky-D should give his step-son a break, he had this message: ‘He’s a 18yo grown ass man. We live and die by our choices’. Which seems fair.

Making things even more interesting, the man decided to create a poll to see which side people were rooting for – young love or mama bear. And sorry mum, but the teenagers won this round by quite a bit. 63 per cent to 37 per cent to be precise.

Having seen no sign of life for almost an hour, Tricky-D began to wonder whether the pair were just ‘waiting it out’ and apologised to his followers for the lack of drama.

But then, out of nowhere, the mystery girl left the confines of the 18-year-old’s room to use the bathroom. To be honest, I’m impressed she lasted that long with a hangover.

Not only that, but THE STEP-DAD KNEW HER! She was one of his son’s oldest friends. At this point, he thinks the pair might get away with his wife thinking it was just a ‘friendly sleepover’ because she didn’t hear the ‘f*ck fest* at 4am. Lol.

It doesn’t end there though, as the boy then sneaks downstairs, ‘nonchalant AF’ to grab the girl’s shoes and take them back upstairs… not before Tricky-D shoots him a little wink first though.

So how did it all end? Well, true to the poll, young love really did win, with the couple sneaking out of the side door with only Tricky-D noticing.


They only got away with it because the teen’s mum went to her bedroom for a rest after her cleaning to read a book, or maybe the 18-year-old knew that would happen all along and it was clever planning on his part?

Either way, that was amazing. I wasn’t even there and I’m exhausted just thinking about it, so god knows how those involved felt.

I don’t know about you lot but I would’ve loved his mum to notice, just so we could get a live-stream of her reaction.

Ah well, there’s always a chance that could happen in the future.

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