Man Posts Ad To Sell Car After Wife Finds Out His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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Man Posts Ad To Sell Car After Wife Finds Out His Girlfriend Is PregnantJDM Auto Link/mudah.my

Cheats suffer defeat: a man has been forced to sell his car after his girlfriend got pregnant – and his wife found out. 

Samantha once said in Sex in the City: ‘The act of cheating is defined by the act of getting caught, one doesn’t exist without the other.’


Disloyalty pays with harsh comeuppance – for this gentleman, the price for betraying his wife’s trust is the keys to his car (either that or he’s just concocted a story to help flog his wheels).

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Posted on mudah.my by Chan Eu Jin, the advert is an attractive prospect for a car lover: a 2007 Honda S2000 2.0 (manual, of course).

At just RM 280,000 (which converts to just over £50,000), you’d be helping out the bloke who got caught with his pants down and his sperms fertile.

Cheating Husband's Honda S2000JDM Auto Link/mudah.my

Check out what the seller had to say about the car below: 

Awesome car, sad to let it go. This topless beauty will take you on great driving experience up hills, the beach and the apartment of that new intern in your office.

Reluctant sale. Girlfriend is pregnant and the wife knows. Must sell cause the lawyer wants money. Will only response to messages, can’t take calls as too distraught with my situation. Don’t bother to press down my price, this S2000 is worth more than my girlfriend. Maybe I’ll just sell her instead.

To be fair, it’s a gorgeous looking sports car, fitted with a spoiler and convertible roof for cruising along the highway all night long. It’s been well looked after too – the seller added: ‘Lots of things done to the car: the list of restoration, rare parts, suspension works, brakes, aero parts, etc… is long. Message me privately for it. All branded parts and no fake sh*ts.’

Cheating Husband's Honda S2000 5JDM Auto Link/mudah.my

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The car is currently located in the Malaysian state of Selangor, so it’s not exactly an easy purchase for anyone whose engines are revving in the UK or US.

There’s one other detail you should know: originally, the car was posted at a lower price. However, another twist in the man’s tale of woe means he’s pressing for some extra cash, which is almost too good to be true.

Cheating Husband's Honda S2000 3JDM Auto Link/mudah.my

The seller explained: 

Price has been revised. Scans shows my girlfriend has twins. Need more cash.

It’s the foundations upon which every great love story is told: a cheating husband, a pregnant girlfriend with twins and a sports car. Surely Nicholas Sparks is taking notes.

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