Man Pranked Relentlessly By Guys With Megaphone At Petrol Station

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 17 Sep 2018 12:20
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Sometimes, the simplest pranks are the best. They don’t need to be well thought out or even particularly well executed, but a funny prank is a funny prank, regardless.


As these guys prove, you only really need maybe one prop, a little imagination and, preferably – for today’s modern audience – a camera to catch it on.

In this case, the prop is a megaphone. That’s it. Take note youngsters! Forget trying to make your sibling think they’re invisible, grab yourself something which makes your voice go funny and start saying things at people.

As with many of the best pranks, they seem to get funnier as they progress, and this one definitely does. It’s kind of inexplicable, but the more the guys pull the same joke on the poor man at the petrol station, the funnier it gets.

Check out the full video here:


Starting with telling the driver the pump he’s pulled up at is out of order, the unsuspecting man – naturally – moves to another pump to fill up. Of course, the megaphone pranksters are one step ahead, announcing there’s something wrong with each pump he tries.

The driver manages to keep his cool until, at pump number one, he gives in and storms into the petrol station to, I’m guessing, either have a go at the station attendant or clarify which pumps are actually out of order.

Spoiler alert – they’re all working fine! It’s just those cheeky pranksters making him think otherwise. The scoundrels.

One of the guys behind the camera can be heard barely containing his laughter, saying ‘this is ridiculous’. And yes, yes it is.

While pranking strangers can be funny, provided it’s all a bit of harmless fun, pranking your mates is always more hilarious.

For one unfortunate guy, his mates pranked him at a swimming pool, and pranked him good.


Lee Kenny’s ‘mates’ pulled off an absolute roflcopter of a prank by providing the unsuspecting guy with dissolvable swimming trunks.

The moment was, of course, captured on camera where Lee can be seen in the pool, next to his wife Sinead, while his hands feebly try to cover his crotch and backside.

At first, it’s unclear as to why, but then the sudden realisation of what’s happening comes into the picture.

Check it out:

Just like Spider-Man and the rest of the ‘dead’ heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, Lee’s swimming trunks slowly start to dissolve. He’s helpless as his friends and other onlookers in the pool point and laugh at his predicament.

Naturally, he’s confused as to why it’s happening to him. Someone off-camera helpfully points out he’s wearing ‘dissolvable shorts’.

At this point, many things are running through my mind, but the main question being, ‘why were they made in the first place?’

But, in the heat of the moment, Lee doesn’t think of these questions. He just wants to get the hell out there before exposing himself a bit too much. Which is completely understandable.

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