Man Pranks Girlfriend By Secretly Putting Vinegar In Her Drink

Man pranks girlfriend with vinegarNewsflare

Anyone in a relationship will know how, on occasions, your other half will do something supposedly ‘hilarious’ just to get on your nerves.

Whether it be mimicking everything you say, uploading embarrassing pictures of you to social media, or just pranking you when you least expect it, there’s usually something.

And one man, from Milton Keynes, has done the latter to his unsuspecting other half.

As the couple sat down to enjoy a well earned KFC, he failed to let her know he’d spiked her drink with vinegar – of all things.

You can watch it all unfold here:

As his girlfriend tucks in to her fried chicken and chips, he sneakily films her while hiding his phone behind a well placed paper bag.

It takes her quite a while to reach for her drink, as she can be seen scrolling through her phone, completely unaware of what is about to happen.

So when she does eventually go to take a sip from the tampered cup, her reaction is everything you’d expect it to be and more!

I mean, her face says it all really:

Man pranks girlfriend with vinegarNewsflare

As you’d expect, as soon as she gets a taste of the drink her face screws up and she ends up spitting it out into her food. Which is unfortunate – I think I’d be more annoyed at ruining my food to be honest!

And it’s not the first time this poor girl has had something like this happen to her – it appears her boyfriend is a regular prankster.

In the summer, she bought new bikinis in preparation for their summer holiday and had packed them all in their shared suitcase.

Only to find that when they arrived, he’d actually replaced all of them with one he’d recently purchased online.

Check it out:

Boyfriend gets girlfriend the best swimming costume ever!

Boyfriend gets girlfriend the best swimming costume ever! 👙😂

Posted by ReuBekah Vidz on Thursday, 23 August 2018

To be fair to her, she handles it a lot better than I would have done. She even goes out in public wearing the hideous costume. I reckon my partner would have been on the first plane home!

And while some of you might be wondering why partners might choose to prank each other in such extreme ways, it’s actually come to light how doing so has a lot of benefits.

Over the last three decades, Jeffrey Hall, from the University of Kansas, has conducted 39 studies involving over 15,000 people and has discovered humour is a critical part of building a strong relationship.

He wrote in his article Humor in Romantic Relationships, a Meta-Analysis how playfulness between romantic partners is a crucial component in bonding because it increases the feeling of security.

Basically, if you and your partner have banter and are able to laugh both with and at each other, you’re winning.

However, when it comes to pranking and getting revenge on your partner, there may be more that meets the eye.

In a study called ‘Payback: The parameters of revenge in romantic relationships’, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers found a deeper meaning behind such pranks.

After finding most revenge responses involved ‘relationship rules violations’, the study said:

Most participants attributed their decisions to retaliate to the desire to bring about desired change in their partners (e.g., suffering, correction, or empathy), to redress their own unpleasant feelings, or to rectify injustice.

To put it simply, couples could play pranks on each other for three reasons: to get their parter to change unwanted behaviour; to make them feel better about themselves; and to get even with them.

Which doesn’t sound all that healthy to be fair.

But hey, I’m all for a bit of banter and p*ss taking in a relationship – otherwise, things are likely to get way too serious way too quickly.

And if it’s good enough for the King, Ryan Reynolds, then quite frankly, it’s good enough for me!

Reynolds, and his wife Blake Lively are always making jibes at each other online:

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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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So who’s to judge? As long as people are happy and it’s all in good fun, I say prank ahead (as long as I’m the one doing the pranking!)

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