Man Pretending To Buy Women’s Shoes Due To Foot Fetish Gets Perfect Response From Seller

by : Lucy Connolly on : 18 Feb 2020 18:37
Man Pretending To Buy Women's Shoes Due To Foot Fetish Gets Perfect Response From SellerMan Pretending To Buy Women's Shoes Due To Foot Fetish Gets Perfect Response From SellerBradders33/Reddit

A woman who received multiple messages from men pretending to want to buy her high heels to receive pictures of her feet outwitted them all with just one picture.

The woman in question decided to turn to Facebook Marketplace in an attempt to get a bit of money for a few pairs of old shoes, which proved far more popular than she might have originally thought.


It wasn’t women messaging her asking about the shoes though. Instead, she was soon inundated with messages from guys who claimed to be interested in buying them – but only if she’d first send pictures of her wearing them.

facebook marketplacefacebook marketplaceBradders33/Reddit

In response to one post for a £15 pair of nude heels, one man wrote: ‘Hi. Thinking of getting these for my girlfriend. Would it be possible to see a pic of them on though.’ Which might not have seemed too suspicious at first, had it not been followed by several other requests asking for the same thing.

One man said: ‘Hi I was wondering if it was possible to [see] some more photos of the heels?’, while another asked: ‘I am looking to get some for Valentine’s Day. So would it be possible to see what they look like on and full view? Thanks.’


She eventually did respond to the men, obliging to their request that the shoes be worn – only she wasn’t the one to model them.

Posting on Reddit, the shoe seller wrote:

When I’m selling my high heels on Marketplace, this is how I deal with dudes that pretend to want to buy my shoes to try and get some free w*nk bank material. This girl wasn’t born yesterday.

foot fetish dohfoot fetish dohBradders33/Reddit

So what did she do? She got her dog to model the shoes for her before sending a picture of the adorable pup dressed up to the nines to the inquisitive men. Funnily enough, she didn’t hear from them again after that.

The woman told Bored Panda:

I first encountered guys messaging me for photos of me wearing the shoes I was selling when I used eBay.

I did oblige in the beginning as I didn’t realise it wasn’t innocent, but as soon as I did send a photo of them being worn, the requests would get bolder, asking me to wear stockings, asking if the shoes smelled etc.

My dog is always happy to help. He wouldn’t stand there and let me take a quick snap if he didn’t want to.

dog wearing heels foot fetishdog wearing heels foot fetishBradders33/Reddit

She had initially attempted to rope her boyfriend in, but unfortunately his feet were too big to fit into the dainty heels.

Luckily her pooch didn’t have that problem, and they were able to scare away the men pretty quickly.

What a hero.

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