Man Proposes On A Whim Using McNuggets And Ring He Bought In 20 Minutes

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Nov 2019 18:02
Man Proposes On A Whim Using McNuggets And Ring He Bought In 20 MinutesFacebook

Some people spend weeks plotting the perfect proposal, but one guy has proved all you need is 20 minutes and a box of McNuggets. 

Okay, admittedly you have to be pretty decisive and productive in those 20 minutes, but it can be done.


I know this because one chuffed wife recalled the story of her proposal on Facebook, detailing how her husband popped the question within just 20 minutes of making the spontaneous decision to do so.


The American woman recalled the situation on the group That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, though she seemed more endeared by her husband’s actions than ashamed of them.

She described how her partner decided ‘on a whim’ to buy a ring for her, though he only gave himself 20 minutes to do so – presumably so he wouldn’t raise suspicions about how long he was out for.


The poster wrote:

My husband, bless his heart, decided on a whim that he wanted to get me a ring and present in the cutest way that he could possibly think of in a span of 20 minutes.

Check out the post here:

Man proposes with McNuggetsFacebook

Rather than waste time being tempted and swayed by jewellers, the impulsive man sped off to Walmart and called his girlfriend’s best friend to ask for her advice on what kind of ring to get.

Once that little – if pretty crucial – detail was out of the way, the doting man decided to stop off for something he knew his girlfriend would love: McNuggets.

I suppose that way, even if his girlfriend wasn’t impressed with the ring, the man could rely on the fact opening the box to reveal some golden nuggets would have ensured at least one positive takeaway from the proposal.


The wife explained she’d been having a nap while her boyfriend was out running his proposal errands, so she was still sleepy and discombobulated when he returned to the house and presented her with the beautiful box – of McNuggets.

On Facebook, she recalled:

When he arrived and woke me up I was still extremely sleepy. But he knew I couldn’t resist nugs.


The cunning man had hidden the black velvet ring box inside the cardboard McDonald’s box, so when the girlfriend opened it she was met with six nuggets and the mysterious box.

Now, having your partner present you with a small, velvet box would probably be enough to spark excitement for most people, but the sleepy woman wasn’t so quick to catch on. Though, admittedly, the McNuggets did somewhat mask the context of the situation.

In an attempt to understand what was happening, the woman asked:

What the f*ck kind of sauce is this?

Thankfully it didn’t take long for the soon-to-be-engaged woman to figure it out though, as she opened the box and spotted the ring.

Concluding her Facebook post, she responded:

And then [I] opened the box and went, ‘Oh. Oh my god. Is that an engagement ring?’ And the rest is history.

Though the story appeared in a shaming group, the man’s display of spontaneous romance was enough to win over readers, many of who deemed the proposal endearing.

So there you have it; if you’re looking for a quick and simple way of proposing, McNuggets are the way to go.

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