Man Pulls Over To Save Rabbit In California Wild Fires


Incredible footage has surfaced which shows a man trying desperately to save a rabbit from a massive blaze in California.

The video, which was filmed by RMG News, shows an unnamed man who is watching a wild rabbit scurry on the side of a highway around the huge flames.

He is visibly distressed as the rabbit seems to head straight for the fire, but manages to catch the poor creature just in time to bring him to safety.

The cameraman said the man pulled over to save the critter, and is believed to have declined a request for an on-camera interview shortly afterwards.

Massive fires spread across California on Wednesday, resulting in a state of emergency which led to mass evacuations and road closures around the area.

One of the fires spread through the hills above Ventura driven by 50mph winds, hundreds of buildings have burned down.

More than 100,000 people from across the region have fled, and hundreds of schools in the region have had to close down because of the blaze.

This year has been the worst ever for fires in the region, and has been exacerbated by the increasing developments in dangerous areas.

The fires look set to rage on with the National Weather Service reporting ‘extreme fire danger’ for today and beyond.

More extreme winds are expected in the region, which will probably carry embers and spread the fires into new regions – putting more people at risk.

Fire officials said of the so-called Creek Fire:

Our big variable tonight is the wind, and the wind is expected to pick up in some places to 70 miles an hour – that’s hurricane force winds.

That can drive a fire in a way that is unimaginable to most of us. So please, take this serious, pack a bag, be ready to go.

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a phone alert to those in the area, warning residents in LA and the surrounding locales to be aware of strong winds creating a fire risk during the night.

They also posted to Twitter to ensure maximum awareness to try and combat the potential danger.

Film and TV production has been put on hold, including for HBO’s Westworld, and fires have already reached the Bel Air area, causing serious damage to homes.

The Getty Centre have put in place all possible precautions to try and prevent against any loss of their exhibitions.

NBC Los Angeles have reported a total of 83,000 acres of land have been scorched in the blazes.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti thanked firefighters from LA as well as other agencies, saying:

These are days that break your heart. But these are also days that show the resilience of our city.

In the meantime, thousands of firefighters are working on the numerous fires in the area to contain the blazes and ensure no more damage is done to people’s homes and businesses.