Man Quits His Job In Epic Public Meltdown After Boss Pushes Him Too Far


As Friday rolls around and the weekend is imminent, some of you might be hating your job and thinking of quitting.

Maybe you can empathise with this guy, who lost it when his boss pushed him too far for the last time.

The footage, captured at an airport, shows the well-dressed man on the phone to his boss yelling in distress over a work request.


He can be heard screaming:

He had no clue about it? I’ve had it with this company…

No. No. You know what? I’m not gonna get on that plane, Adam! I’m not doing it!

Seconds later the man punches his laptop, visibly destroying the screen in his rage as it shatters and goes black.


In the final flourish, he yells, ‘I quit! I’m done’ as he dashes his phone to he ground, ending the conversation quicker than perhaps Adam had expected.

As we witness this disturbing break down, the perplexed man crumples and starts to sob as passers-by stop briefly t watch his trauma before moving on.

Now, I don’t know Adam from… Well, Adam. But a boss that causes a reaction like this in one of his staff must be a bit of a prick.

Perhaps this guy’s defiance makes him a modern-day hero. Perhaps it’s just another attempt at a staged viral video.

Either way, I think we can all sympathise in some way with the stresses, strains and pressures of 21st century working life depicted in the clip.