Man Shares Hilarious Response To An Airport Argument About Race

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 Oct 2021 16:46
Man Shares Hilarious Response To An Airport Argument About Race@logicmax/TikTok

As two women argued about race in a New York airport, one bystander lightened the mood with his hilarious response.

Baggage collection is a tense place. You’re standing there, foreseeing the next 10 minutes where you find out your case has been lost somewhere along the journey, leaving you without your clothes, gifts and other belongings. People’s backs get up easily at the airport.


In a video shared to TikTok by Maximillian Clark (@logicmax), he briefly steps between two women shouting across the carousel at one another, seemingly about race.

It’s not entirely clear what sparked the argument in the first place, but one woman says, ‘You are racist and an ugly f*cking human being!’ The other replies, ‘I’m sorry are you trying to say something… where were your ancestors? Were they native? Were they from country? I don’t think so.’


The first woman responds, ‘I’m Native American you dumb assh*le, and who cares? We’re all American and you’re totally racist about all these people.’


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They continue arguing, but one young man among the bystanders says, ‘Yo, nobody wants to hear this sh*t bro. Nobody wants to hear this.’

Then, just before the clip ends, Maximillian steps forward. ‘Guys, you’re shouting at an airport, you’re obviously both from here. This is the most New York thing you could possibly be doing right now,’ he says, prompting laughs from those around him.


The clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on social media. ‘Camera guy and the bystander are straight G’s,’ one user commented. ‘Are they trying to out-American one another, I’m confused?’ another wrote.

Maximillian explained some of the backstory in the comments. ‘Dark haired lady had just had a three minute LOUD phonecall calling the children in the terminal disgusting, and a nearby family especially. Then red haired lady was like, you suck, then I missed some stuff because I was digging for my phone,’ he wrote.

‘She was more being anti-Semitic, I guess that technically counts,’ he added, saying he may have missed more while getting his phone.


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Maximillian Clark/TikTok
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