Man Shocked After Letter Labelled With His ‘Life Story’ Gets Delivered

by : Emily Brown on : 07 Jan 2022 18:07
Man Shocked After Letter Labelled With His 'Life Story' Gets Delivered@weefeargal/Twitter/Alamy

A musician in Northern Ireland was left both shocked and impressed after Royal Mail delivered a letter addressed with his ‘life story’. 

Feargal Lynn, from County Antrim, took to Twitter to offer a ‘hearty applause’ to the postal service after receiving his letter this month.


It’s unclear who sent the letter, but it is clear that they had no idea where Feargal lived as they only managed to fill out the village where he grew up and ‘half the postcode’ when addressing the letter.

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In a bid to ensure the letter found the recipient in spite of the missing details, the sender had offered up a lengthy description that would help Royal Mail figure out where it was supposed to be delivered to.

Details included the fact that Lynn lived ‘across the road from the Spar’ that his ‘ma and da used to own’, and that he was ‘friends with the fella who runs the butchers in Waterfoot’.


Successfully tracking down Lynn from these details would have probably been a tough job even for an experienced treasure hunter, but Royal Mail didn’t let the lack of a real address stop it from doing its job.

In his post, Lynn explained that he got a ‘much needed laugh’ when the Cushendall and Ballymena postal service were able to deliver the letter, explaining, ‘They had first name, the village where I grew up and half the postcode .. the rest is more like my life story!’

The full description on the envelope read, ‘Lives across the road from the Spar, his ma and da used to own it, his mother was Mary and da Joseph, moved to Waterfoot after he got married, plays guitar and used to run discos in the parochial hall and the hotel in the 80s. Friends with the fella who runs the butchers in Waterfoot too.’


Lynn’s tweet has racked up thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from equally impressed Twitter users, with many describing the successful delivery as ‘brilliant’.

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One person responded, ‘Oh how fabulous! @RoyalMail you’ve got some incredible folks – they’d give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money! @royalmailnews – hope you big up these folks.’

Another wrote, ‘I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Just brilliant.’


Other social media users began sharing their own impressive delivery stories, such as ‘the football club… who play in purple and green shirts’ and ‘Anne who takes photos of Fairhead’.

The postal service certainly do have some impressive detectives skills!

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