Man Shot In Leg By Friend Shows How To Treat Bullet Wound

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2016 17:11

If anyone is ever unlucky enough to get shot, this video showing you how to care for a bullet wound could well come in handy.

LiveLeak user Defect101 decided to share his recovery with the Internet after his ‘friend’ accidentally fired a handgun in his kitchen and shot him straight through the leg, reports the Mirror.

The stomach churning clips show a large hole in the man’s left thigh as a nurse swabs it clean. The wound is then packed with gauze and over a series of days left to heal.



The victim says his friend was reloading his Sig p938 pistol when it went off, grazing the gunman’s hand. The bullet – a 9mm Polycase Inceptor – lodged itself in the fridge, but not before passing through the guy’s inner thigh.

He wrote:

After the shot my ears were ringing and I was somewhat disorientated like a flash Grenade went off.

I thought I was hit in the chest at first then I saw the blood on my leg. I immediately took my pants off and used my belt as a tourniquet with thick blobs of blood coming out.


The poor guy initially feared the rogue bullet had done some serious damage and even thought he might die:

I thought I was a gonner, assuming he hit the artery. I yelled for my [girlfriend] to call 911 as well as my mother in case I didn’t make it.

My friend was distraught and as useful as tits on a bull trying to grasp what he had just done.

The man is receiving daily visits from nurses to clean and repack the wound and has promised to keep viewers updated on his progress.


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