Man Shows How Much Damage Storm Did To His Home After It Tears Roof Off

by : Mike Williams on : 26 Nov 2020 13:54
Man Shows How Much Damage Storm Did To His Home After It Tears Roof Offd_ray_of_sunshine/tiktok

A man in the United States has shared the devastation of what a recent storm did to his home, proving how destructive mother nature can be.

TikToker Danny Ray Sunshine was actually in the middle of a live broadcast when he was unceremoniously cut off, as the wind and rain battered his home.


As can be seen in his video, the entire roof had disappeared, exposing the interior of his home to the elements. In all the chaos, however, there was simply nothing they could do to prevent it or protect their valuables.

‘Where the f*ck are we supposed to go?!’ his partner yells, as she runs across the waterlogged living room.

‘That’s a damn good question I don’t know the f*cking answer to,’ he replies.

Check out the nightmare scene below:


The storm appeared to have ripped the roof clean off, with part of the sealing now in the house, with just the wooden structure of the building visible in the darkness of the night sky.

And the aftermath was just as shocking, showing that the following day, once the thunder storm had gone and the sky was quiet and blue, that the entire roof had simply vanished.


In the video he repeatedly says he’s not looking for donations, but after a string of comments wanting to help he has since added money links in his TikTok bio for anyone feeling generous enough.

As you can see, it’s a heartbreaking sight for any home owner, and during the video all he asked was that people pray for them.


‘We’re not asking for donations, we’re not asking for money donations, just keeping everybody updated. If you pray, we ask that you pray,’ and he hoped the non-religious folk watching would instead send ‘good vibes’ their way.

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