Man Submits 24-Hour Pub Crawl For The Guinness World Record


Man Submits 24-Hour Pub Crawl For The Guinness World RecordAlamy

A Cambridgeshire man is hoping he has set a new world record for the most prolific pub crawl.

Matt Ellis of St Neots, Cambridgeshire, could be the first man to obtain the solo Guinness World Record for the most amount of pubs visited in a 24-hour period.


As per the Morning Advertiser, Ellis’ pub crawl took him eight hours, 32 minutes and 37 seconds to complete, travelling a distance of around 15km during his crawl.

a British pub (Pixabay)Pixabay

According to the Guinness World Records rules, Ellis had to visit a minimum of 50 pubs during a 24-hour period and consume 125ml of any drink at each one to be in with a chance of becoming the new world record holder, with every drink along the way needing to be verified by pub staff.

BBC News reports that Ellis, who mostly stuck to soft drinks during his attempt to set a new world record, said it was ‘probably the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life’ as there was ‘only so much drink you can get into your body’.


Hoping to raise awareness of the difficulty the pub industry has faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ellis made it to a grand total of 51 pubs on his epic crawl.

Pub Crawl (Matt Ellis)Matt Ellis

He said: ‘It was all about the joy of pubs and the people you meet.

‘Pubs over the last 18 months have had a very difficult time. I am a big fan of pubs – the contribution they make to our society and the camaraderie you can enjoy in them.’


There is no current holder for the record of visiting the most pubs in a 24 hour period, so if Ellis’ attempt is successfully verified he will officially become a Guinness World Record holder and be recognised as the world’s greatest individual pub crawler.

The world record for the most pubs visited in 24 hours by a group was set in 2011 when a team of 13 people made it to 250 pubs in New York.

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