Man Sues Former Employers Because Job Was So Dull

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A man in France is taking his former employers to court over the tedious nature of his job with the company.

Frédéric Desnard was made redundant from his managerial position with French perfume retailer, Interparfums, 18 months ago, but argues the role was a ‘descent into hell’.

According to The Guardian, Desnard is seeking €360,000 – roughly £282,000 – in compensation and damages.

Agence France-Presse reported Desnard as saying he was ‘destroyed’ by the job and left with ‘serious depression’.

Desnard, who worked for Interparfums from 2010 and 2014, also said:

I was ashamed of being paid for doing nothing.

A lawyer for the firm has since hit back at the claims.

Jean-Philippe Benissan said on behalf of Interparfums that Desnard had ‘never said anything about being bored’.

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Benissan added:

If he had nothing to do for four years, why did the company keep him on?

Desnard’s case may be weakened after a judge described him as being ‘inspired by a sense of personal animosity,’ after he was ordered to pay €1,000 (£791) to Interparfums for defamation last December.

Good luck Frédéric, the bored masses are eagerly awaiting the outcome of your case.