Customer Takes Car To Kentucky Mechanic, Discovers Opossum Living Under The Hood

by : Lucy Connolly on : 15 Apr 2020 15:30
Man Takes Car To Kentucky Mechanic, Discovers Possum Living Under The HoodMan Takes Car To Kentucky Mechanic, Discovers Possum Living Under The HoodAndy Workman/Facebook

Picture the scene: you’re tired at work after a long, hard day of doing whatever it is that you do, when all of a sudden one of your colleagues hears a strange noise.

The noise, coming from somewhere in the room, is traced to the inside of a car bonnet (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that for the purposes of this hypothetical situation, you work in a car dealership).


Once you’ve pinpointed where the sound is coming from, you pop open the hood of the car and scream when you realise you’re staring at a very angry-looking possum. At least, that’s what I’d be doing if I came face-to-face with one of the animals.

Cody Pope/Wikipedia

That situation – minus the part about the screaming, obviously – is exactly the one Andy Workman found himself in last month when a customer brought their car into the dealership he works at in Lexington, Kentucky, ‘complaining about a noise in the engine area’.

Andy, who is the parts and service director, came across the opossum last month after a technician discovered the animal. ‘[The technician] raised the hood, immediately came to my office and said, ‘There’s a whole possum in this car’ – as opposed to half a opossum, I guess.’


The director told UNILAD he ‘wasn’t surprised’ to hear this as he lives in a suburban area, adding: ‘Wildlife getting into warm engine areas isn’t unusual.’ In fact, he said they ‘often’ find raccoons in the engine compartments of cars in the dealership that have ‘removed the insulation to build nests’.

possum found in hood of carpossum found in hood of carAndy Workman/Facebook

You’d be forgiven for sitting there thinking Andy doesn’t look phased in the slightest about holding his new friend, because that was my first reaction too. You’d be wrong though, because ultimately he said he was ‘a little nervous’ about the whole situation as he ‘know[s] they have very sharp teeth’.

He continued:


As the boss, sometimes you have to do things you aren’t always prepared to do. I never ask an employee to do something dangerous or that I wouldn’t or haven’t done.

It had built quite a large nest under the hood, and appeared to be asleep. I suppose he/she was ‘playing possum’. We have special gloves that we wear when working on hybrid vehicles, which are basically thick rubber with leather over that. So I put those on to remove it.

I have always been a hunter and trapper as a hobby, so it wasn’t my first encounter. [Opossums] are timid until threatened when they can be quite fierce.

possum found in car hoodpossum found in car hoodAndy Workman/Facebook

After picking the animal up by its tail and the scruff of its neck, Andy released it by a creek behind the dealership – after a couple of photos, of course.

Well, he’s a braver man than I am, is all I can say.


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Andy Workman/Facebook
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