Man Tries To Hunt Down Sender Of This Bizarre Message In A Bottle


A man is searching for answers after discovering a bizarre message in a bottle nearly 12 years after it was set afloat.

The mysterious message was discovered by Imgur user moskeytoes when it washed up in Key West, Florida.

It seems the bottle in question washed up just 424 miles aways from where it started, but the contents have got moskeytoes scratching his head, reports The Mirror.


He posted an image to Imgur of him with the bottle and letter in, but it’s fair to say that 12 years at sea haven’t been too kind, causing a lot of the writing to become illegible.

What can be read, goes like this:

Amanda Ferguson Message in a Bottle 17 May… 2004 Set off from Ormond Beach, Florida.

It is the tremendous experiment… becoming conscious which… laid upon mankind who… most diverse culture and…

I don’t know what I hope to… in sending this message… bottle, yet I hope it works… You-the lucky finder of this…


The writer, Amanda, also weighted the bottle with ‘authentic Mardi Gras beads’ from New Orleans and included a phone number.

But – as any good epic tale needs a plot twist – it no longer works and moskeytoes is appealing to her get in touch.

I guess it’s just a case of watch this space, can’t wait to see how it turns out…