Man Wakes Up After Night Out In The Middle Of A Church Service

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Man Wakes Up After Night Out In The Middle Of A Church Service 2@onefortheroad_14tr/Instagram

Whether it was too much booze or divine intervention, a man woke up from a night out during a church service. 

Anyone who’s had a bit much to drink can relate to that feeling of not having a clue where you are, even if you’re in your own bed; room spinning, head aching, stomach probably churning, with a thirst even the holiest water couldn’t quench.


Then again, there’s a difference between waking up in a house you don’t immediately remember going to and finding yourself curled up in a place of worship.

Ryan Mulligan, part of Irish folk bank One for the Road, recently enjoyed a couple of alcoholic beverages with some friends. The next day, he wasn’t in his home, nor was he with his pals – he was in church.

In a Snapchat video, captioned ‘The morning after the night before’, Ryan films himself shortly after waking up. He’s tucked away in the upper floor of the church, with the clergyman going through the morning’s prayers. It’s fair to say, he looks pretty frazzled and puzzled at his whereabouts.


The clip has racked up plenty of amused comments. ‘Holy god how did that happen,’ one asked, to which another replied, ‘That’s EXACTLY how it happened.’

A man ended up in church after a night out. (@onefortheroad_14tr/Instagram)@onefortheroad_14tr/Instagram

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‘He drank the wine,’ another wrote, referencing altar wine. ‘And then some,’ another replied with laughing emojis.

Others wrote that they can ‘feel the anxiety’ from the clip, recounting similar tales while drinking. ‘Surprised this didn’t happen to us the weekend,’ one wrote. ‘This will be us Sunday morning down the basilica,’ a second commented.


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