Man Wakes Up From Trip To Local Pub 1675 Miles Away In London

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A man who’d gone out for drinks in his village pub in Romania woke up, face down, more than 1,500 miles away in London.


Mihai Danciu, who is currently unemployed, said the last thing he can remember is being in a pub in Albesti, Romania, with his friends and betting them he could find work.

Next thing he knows, he’s woken up in the courtyard of a central London building completely covered in bruises and confused as to why everyone around him was speaking English, writes the Daily Mail.


Still probably recovering from an almighty hangover, he was taken to Whipps Cross Hospital in London.


Nurse Adina Costache posted on a Facebook page for Romanians in the UK to try and work out how he’d ended up in London, writes Huffington Post Italy.

She wrote:

He was found drunk and seems to have been beaten, he was in a yard, he was taken to our hospital, but told me he did not know anyone in London and was surprised not to be in Romania anymore, arrived in London.

If someone knows and wants to send me a private message, I will go to him. He was admitted to the department where I work.

Adina Costache / Facebook

According to MailOnline, the man’s neighbours told local media Mr Danciu lives with his partner and children in her grandparents home at least until recently and they knew he was saying he was going to get a job, but said he’d suddenly vanished ‘over a week ago’.

Now, when I read this story, it reminded me of something similar from last year.

You may or may not remember Alex Caviel – the guy who went on a night out in Essex and ended up not only flying out to Spain, but waking up with a hangover and a £1,000 bill. Ouch.

I mean, it’s annoying when it happens but what can you do?


It all happened after the 21-year-old headed out for, you know, a ‘few quiet drinks’ in Chelmsford, but was left massively out of pocket having flown on the solo trip to Barcelona.

According to The Metro, all Alex had with him were the ‘clothes on his back and a carrier bag containing a phone charger, sunglasses and spare change’.

He told them:

I’m not a heavy drinker and I never have pre-drinks but this time we were drinking all night and I even bought a £90 bottle of champagne, it tasted disgusting.

Me and my friend James had been out the last couple of weekends which is unusual for us but we were just enjoying life and having fun – but I ended up losing him and I went for late night food at a chicken shop which is next to the bus station and I saw a coach heading to Stansted.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘it would be nice to fly away somewhere’.

The next thing, I had a really vivid dream I was on a plane – it was very, very realistic, but I didn’t think much of it and just went back to sleep.

Only the whole thing actually happened and was well-documented on his Snapchat, according to his mates.

Now, I’ve had some big nights out, but these are something else altogether.

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